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Black Obsidian Controller

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Black obsidian is a powerful psychic protection stone. Deflects needy or draining energy being projected by other ppl. Stimulates root chakra, it’s a great tool to use during a healing process, it’s brings things in the hidden  to the front. 

buttons were created with:

blue spot Jasper: allows you to be in the moment. Promotes calmness, builds inner strength & Courage, throat chakra. 

red Jasper: energizing, supportive, grounding, protection stone, promotes self belief & courage to act. Root chakra 

Prehnite: expands the heart into unconditional love, encourages new beginnings helps release emotional pain from the past and calms nerves. 

Golden topaz: clarifies intent, helps you pursue your true path, higher purpose, clears the head and improves concentration, clears solar plexus chakra of negativity. 

wrapped in copper and gold plated copper. 


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